Soo Irie

Gourmet Caribbean Inspired Sandwiches

Rooted in authentic Jamaican flavours and spices, feel good with every taste.
Prepared by Soo Irie.

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Catering coming soon

Preparing to serve the GTA, our commitment is to deliver rustic and exciting flavours to spice up your life!

Soo Irie

Jerk Marinade

The perfect balance of spicy, sweet, and savoury, our secret Jerk seasoning is perfect for marinating or basting your choice of protein.

Coming Soon
Found their stand at the Milton Street Festival. Just wow...great balance of flavors.

– Ricardo L.

I had their jerk sandwich and the savory seasoning went so well with the sweet bun!

– Emily M.

OMG I'm so proud of my cuz I've been a fan of her dishes my whole life!

– Chanice K.

The mushroom sandwich was surprisingly meaty and tasty. I hope to try another at their next event!

– Isolyn T.