Soo Irie

Yolanda’s passion for food started at the tender age of 4 when she made her mother her first sugar free Kool-Aid drink . From then she engulfed herself in watching the food network as well as observing the delightful creations her mother would make in the kitchen. She eventually started her own business selling lasagnas to neighbors, family, and friends. Seeing the joy that her cooking brought to others fueled her passion for the culinary arts even more. Yolanda eventually attended George Brown College where she expanded her knowledge in the Culinary Management Program. She took what she learned and worked at various restaurants around the GTA applying what she had learned, as well as absorbing as much as she could from those around her. From all of her experiences her delight has always been in Caribbean Food. The nostalgia of her mother preparing evening meals and family gatherings is one she cherishes and thrives to have those around her experience.

Born into a family of chefs, Kendra became part of the team at a young age. Her parents fostered her natural talents, having her experiment meals for the family and friends. Kendra was always found in the kitchen dabbling in something. In elementary and high school, she was known as the “chef”. There was never a day that she did not have something homemade to share with others. That is when she believes her passion for cooking came about. As she grew older the passion remained. She then took it and turned it into something valuable. She went to Humber College for Culinary Management; where her professors taught her various lessons and techniques about the culinary world. Soon after, she began professionally working at diverse events and restaurants throughout the GTA as a certified chef. Although Kendra loves making foods from various cultures and countries, she will always cherish her Caribbean food and culture.